V hotelu Jelka namenjamo posebno pozornost družinam in aktivnostim na svežem zraku. Omogočite otrokom vrsto aktivnosti skozi katere bodo svojo energijo usmerili v naravo in spoznavanju njenih vrednot. Organiziramo vrsto športnih tečajev, delavnic in animacij, skozi katere se bodo izobraževali, napredovali in hkrati zabavali v zdravem objemu planote Pokljuka.

Educational workshops and entertainment

The week or weekend training the children write or draw on your journal Pokljuka. Knowledge and nature are our most valuable asset, so we want the children in a playful way to present these values??.

Winter understanding Pokljuka and its inhabitants: the search impressions of animals in the snow and learn about animals in Pokljuka, what is this plateau and plateau features Pokljuka
Building igloos and Snow man
Learning to cook
Workshops: drawing and collage making Pokljuka group gathering material in nature and create with these materials.
Finding mushrooms (mushrooms Understanding the drawing books and then in nature, where children with an experienced mushroom pickers go in search of mushrooms). Scout learns (orientation, dinner by the fire, where children themselves are baked and bars … In the evening fire and guitar … learning quizzes (of animals in Pokljuka peaks around Pokljuka, as Pokljuka plateau in general …)

Sports activities

Court (basketball, dodge ball)
Cross-country skiing
Hiking (way easier and natural sciences)
Skiing (learn skiing)
Relay in the snow
Cross-country skiing (cross-country skiing teachings)

Dancing in the snow (to learn the choreography and make a presentation for parents)Sledding

Ski School for children

Just next to the hotel Spruce is a small ski resort that is ideal for beginners and families. Our lift JELKA has friendly plates, is 350 m long and suitable for children. The ski resort is transparent, so that the children and families here can safely entertained at the first ski and just enough mischief steep that falls will not be sore. Pokljuka we have a special lift cones (baby lift), length 80m, intended for toddlers. For our guests we have ski courses tailored for children.

Pokljuka land of fairy tales

Does your child love fairy tales? What about the naughty pranks crazy dwarf? Then you bring in Pokljuska land of fairy tales. The mysterious ancient forests are Pokljuka conceals nothing much mythological creatures that are willing to share their stories with all who are willing to listen. The mysterious world of fairy tales your children take naughty elf, who knows all Pokljuka creatures. Children will be excited over it, as he himself experienced for many adventure, but is always ready for any trick. Thus, the path itself becomes fun goal hike is a magical land where they live storytellers.

– Meeting point: in front of hotel Jelka
– Time: 9:00 to 11:00
– The minimum number of entries: 9

At 9:00 elf takes the children to a collection point in the forest, which is about 20 minutes away from the hotel, this gives them the tips of narrators and be entertained by the various pranks. At the collection point provided for children at 9:30, evoke the narrator, who then tells the story. The narrator then show you the wonderland of children and keep them gives hints where is elf hid candy. Children, of course, you can also ask their narrator anything they are interested in the fairy tale, fairy-tale land or Pokljuka themselves. (Expected at 10:30 takes the dwarf children back to the hotel. )

Hunting in the forest treasures

Pokljuka plateau hides many treasures that are hidden by the ancient inhabitants of the plateau. On the hunt for them, your child takes a team at Spruce. Treasures are located in different locations, while children receive tips regularly. Some treasures protect greedy creatures that children ask questions to which the children respond. Looking for treasures together, so that in the end no one left empty-handed, all of whom receive medals.

Bear Čalapinko and magician Toni

Jelka, a place of carefree days, warm nights and the desire to socialize with friends. If all of this season with magic and good pancakes, get night children’s playfulness. Pokljuka will do our best to ensure your children enjoy immensely while being educated. Guests will help us create the magic, wizard Tony and will bear Čalapinko. Good music, magic, baker of pancakes we show the magic of our beautiful plateau. So if you want to enjoy and to sweeten the best pancakes and then come to the gorge in the hotel Jelka.

Hotel animations

Board Games
Kids mini disco
Mini Cinema

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