Finnish savna

Finnish sauna is a dry sauna where the temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees. The air in the sauna is very dry and so can we hold in such high temperatures. The sauna stove is located, on which they are stones, watered with perfumed water from the tanks to increase the temperature in the room.
Is very important to drink extra fluids, because of excessive sweating lose a lot of fluids and minerals, which must be replaced during the sauna session itself.

Beneficial effects

Using Finnish sauna strengthens the immune system. By using saunas also, prevent viral and other diseases, because the body through sweat excreted toxic and harmful substances that are absorbed through food, air or harmful are released in the body due to hormonal processes. Finnish sauna works very well on locomotors system and reduces stress.

Infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are new-age achievement heating effect. Infrared rays run deep into the body up to 4 cm. In doing so, achieve faster and more intense sweating at a lower temperature than other saunas. The temperature in these saunas is up to 50 degrees Celsius. INFRA rays are of the functioning of the body healing, recommended especially for those who are sensitive to high temperatures, older people and those with less effort seeking to maximize the impact and prevention to enhance health.

Beneficial effects

Passive cardiovascular fitness effect of infrared sauna allows people who cannot normally move, for example. Those in wheelchairs and people who look for physical activity do not take enough time to strengthen your cardiovascular system. Regular use of infrared saunas before the system is put stress similar requirements as regular vigorous physical activity. Infrared heat tissue to a depth of 4 cm, thus the internal organs of the body responds with increased heart rate and increased blood flow through the heart, and wants to cool down. In the early 80s, even NASA scientists found that irradiation with infrared ray?s ideal method of maintaining cardiovascular fitness astronauts on long space flights.

Calorie consumption and weight control

Scientists have found that the formation of 1 g of sweat be 0.586 kcal. The infrared sauna the average user can easily eliminate at least 500 g of sweat, which is 300 kcal or as much as if it passed 5 to 8 kilometers. Loss of weight due to fluid loss, the compensate by drinking, loss of calories is not. With regular use of infrared saunas can spend 30 minutes from 900 to 2400 kcal or so, as if the past 9 to 15 km.


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Kneipp hydrotherapy is a special form with the use of hot or cold water to consolidate, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism. Treatment is carried out in the form of baths, showers, rubbing, bundling, (Preissnitzevi poultices), walking on water (walking in cold, preferably running water).

Beneficial effects

Kneipp makes for better blood flow to your body, eliminating fatigue and provide a sense of warmth in the cold winter nights. Strengthens your immune system and helps with colds.

Ice cave

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