Pokljuka has always been known for excellent athletes, idyllic and ideal winter conditions. All this you can learn and experience at Spruce, where you will be offered a variety of sports activities. We have prepared a daily rate of ski runs, we will arrange different relays for the young and the elderly, sledding, making snowmen and igloos, and a variety of other activities. So we’ll see you at Spruce, where together we will chase the Pokljuka plateau and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Cross-country skiing

Pokljuka the main Slovenian cross-country skiing center. Cross-country skiing is one sport activity, which is the name Pokljuka bring them into the world, because every year we organize Biathlon World Cup. Pokljuka terrain has made it possible routes for cross-country skiing over the plains, the hill and the hill, which are suitable for both beginners and professional runners. Cross-country skiing is not only a competitive sport, but in the form of ski tours and trips is one of the most healthy sports and recreational activities.

Family skiing

Just next to the hotel Jelka is a small ski resort that is ideal for beginners and families. Pokljuka although offers alpine skiing possible in three smaller resorts:
? Lift SPORT (at Sport hotel), length 300m-anchors
? Lift JELKA (at Hotel Jelka), length 350m-plates
? ski lifts under the VIŠEVNIK Rudno field.
Special ski for children:
? Lift cones (baby lift), length 80m, adapted for children


A walk in the highlands is possible even in winter, if we are properly equipped. Snowshoeing can be a lot of fun! Exploring ambient snowshoe trek through the snowy Pokljuka offers enjoyment and relaxation. The use of snowshoes is easy when the trekking poles are used. Suitable footwear, mountain or other winter boots.

Ski touring

Pokljuka lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park and is surrounded by high mountains covered with blankets mites, which call for a touring!

Winter madness Relay

Relay is fun for young and old, and is a great game for family and team building programs. Polygon is a playful and safe with a touch Pokljuka plateau and sports activities that are known for this district.

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